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Psalm 119:105 Your WORD is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path.


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“Thank you for this

wonderful service.

I love the photographs

mixed with Bible
scripture and find
myself looking forward

to the next days.”




How it Works

About Us

We are a group that loves GOD, His SON and His WORD. We have a passion for photography. We were inspired by a youth pastor named Jay Collins, which sends out daily Bible scripture to his church members each day. In researching for this website, it turns out many pastors or members do this to encourage others. We just wanted to create a beautiful formal place for others to receive or do the same thing. Encourage your members to sign up.

More about us…

Our group began Sportsmen’s Devotional. Com, a daily Bible devotional, read thousands world wide each day.  Our team uses the internet and outside the box thinking to further the gospel. Another website created by us is Christting.com. To find out more about us, or to read our statement of faith visit Sportsmen’s Devotional.com.



All scripture is quoted from the New International Version (NIV) of the Bible. We will not be using the planned future NIV version, only older versions. All scripture is chosen at random and is in no specific order. We believe the Holy Spirit will use that days verse to build up, encourage and strengthen believers.


Our Photographs

We love photography and practicing the art of it. Some of the contributors to BV2D are professional photographers. They also love scripture. So for us it was natural to combine the two as we have done this many times before. Here is the unusual twist though for us.


Every photograph used for BV2D is created using camera phones. Yes phones!


We use no photography from traditional cameras. Much of what we have learned about phone photography we learned from the website named Droid Photo Life.com. They offer phone photography tips. We encourage you to use your own phone to create photographs and to encourage others.


Sometimes we need to disconnect to reconnect and BVD
allows me to disconnect from the world and reconnect with my savior" 

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All scripture from the New International Version of the Bible (NIV).

Feel free to print and post Bible Verse 2 Day anywhere just give us the credit.

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